Citizens for the climate

The purpose of the project is to study direct democracy and how it affects the ability to put forward decisions focused on sustainability and environmental issues.

The project is going to be a deep dive into the citizen proposal that was passed the year 2015 in Madrid where it is decided that Madrid shall be a 100% sustainable city on all levels! I will learn about how direct democracy in terms of participatory budgeting and citizen proposals works and examine how the proposal got its reception and how it is going to be implemented. I will study documents, interview local initiators and politicians in Spain and through different channels continuously share my discoveries to really spread the knowledge of direct democracy and sustainable solutions to as many people as possible and inspire the climate movement in Sweden!

Project manager

Julia Lönnqvist
Julia Lönnqvist is active in the environmental movement through different organisations and projects focused on the environment and sustainability such as PUSH Sweden, AirClim och Fältbiologerna. She was recently involved in organising the climate march in Gothenburg where PUSH Sweden together with Friends of the Earth via the group Solcellskapet demanded that Gothenburg city hold their promise from the budget 2017 which accepted the citizen proposal of putting solar panels on all public buildings, but with a sharper deadline.

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