A chat bot to guide people to a tool, answer questions and to make the Democat site fun.

Who is Democat?

Democat is a rebranding and development of Digidem Guide, a practical introduction to digital tools for participatory democracy. The biggest challenge is to get people interested in the first place and this is where Democat the cat/chat bot is even more effective than simply explaining how to use the various tools. Democat will chat with users on Messenger, Kik, Slack etc in addition to the Democat site. The bot is a means of acquisition but also can stand alone as a fun, gamification of collective intelligence.

What is the aim of the project?

Make the Democat site more interactive and give people the skills to use the featured tools. Create a chat bot to guide people to a tool, answer questions and to make the site fun. Long-term the bot will exist outside the site on multiple platforms.

Project manager

Sara Woodgate
Sara is an experienced project manager, having worked in the charity sector for the last 7 years. Her expertise is within fundraising, marketing and communications.

Jennie Lindell
Jennie is a graphic designer and front-end developer. She has a master degree in design and 6 years of experience from design practice. Her expertise is visual communication and digital design.

Digidem Open Lab is co-organised with ABF Göteborg, with the support of Allmänna Arsvfonden and the cooperation of Sweden's Municipalities, The Swedish Green Party, The National Council of Swedish Youth Organisations (LSU), Young Media and Unga Rörelsehindrade Gothenburg.