A platform that makes it easier to request public documents and workshops about the subject.

What will you do?

I want to run a platform that makes it easier to use the right of access principle by requesting information that is not yet public. This type of platform has been running in Sweden before but is no longer available. There are platforms like this in for example the UK and Norway.

What is the aim of the project?

This platform can open up Sweden’s public sector more and help, especially, younger people to become interested in the right of access principle and the right to know for example what happens where you live or what is decided. If a request is successful the answers will be public on the platform, likewise if it is a failure then people will se the correspondence and why it was unsuccessful. It will be easy to search for what you want information on or request it yourself. With open software “Alaveteli” it is easy to set up a platform to request information. I hope that more people will learn about the right of access principle and that the platform will be well used!

Why do you want to work with this?

I want to reach younger people and inform them about the right to request information, for example by holding educating workshops or perhaps develop material for educational purposes. I will also have the opportunity of creating content for marketing or storytelling workshops, which in turn would fit well with my studies.

Project manager

Elle Weijmar
I have worked for the entrepreneur and tech school KomTek in Järfälla which ignited my interest in working with projects, education and facilitation. I am currently studying at Hyper Island in Karlskrona to learn more about animation and graphical design. I am interested in using my spear time to connect my experience of education and technology to create something valuable for more people. Something that I always can depend on is my will to learn something new and inspire others.

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