Knowledge sharing for social movements

A platform where social movements can learn from each other and spread knowledge.


The purpose of my project has been to see if there is a platform where social movements can share knowledge within and between each other. When I discovered that no such platform exists, the purpose changed into how such a platform could be created. In order to take a couple of steps forward I interviewed and talked to people from different social movements about what type of functions that are needed and then searched to see if any such functions are available open source.

A good idea that needs help to be realised

What I arrived at in my project is that many people think that it is based on a good idea and something that is needed. I also realised that I can only take the idea to a certain level myself, after that I am in need of help. And that is where I am now, trying to find help to see how it can be realised.

Combine and create

The project will now live on in the hopes of finding different ways to combine and create a platform for social movements, if I can find the help needed. It is partly about combining the functions that people have said that they want to be able to use the platform. But it is also about combining it with another idea, the thought of creating a platform where it is easier to find engagement. The vision that I want to create is a platform where you easily can find progressive social change to engage in, but also take part in other people’s knowledge and discuss how this change can be created.

Project manager

Andreas Jonsson
I have a background in the climate movement and I am currently active in a campaign called Fossilgasfällan. From my activism and starting campaigns an idea was born of how it could be easier to start projects to achieve a just and sustainable world, but also share knowledge and experiences so that we faster can reach this world! Photo © Cristian Jonsson

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