The Translation Project

Translation of the Digidem Lab and Democat websites to Arabic.

What did you learn?

I was able to gain experience translating into Arabic, which is not an easy feat when it comes to certain sentences and expressions.

How do you want to go forward?

I hope I’m going to be able to contribute more to the movement through translating other projects related to the organisation.

Project manager

Kareem Seek
A pacifist and a strong defender of the freedom of speech, had to flee my homeland so I won't get dragged into the war back home, my goal for the moment is to get into college by the end of the year!

Digidem Open Lab is co-organised with ABF Göteborg, with the support of Allmänna Arsvfonden and the cooperation of Sweden's Municipalities, The Swedish Green Party, The National Council of Swedish Youth Organisations (LSU), Young Media and Unga Rörelsehindrade Gothenburg.