Participatory budget in Gothenburg

Digidem Lab has translated and adapted the world's most used citizen participation platform Consul. Now Gothenburg becomes the first city in the Nordic countries to use it, for the city district Majorna-Linné.


Majorna-Linné did their second participatory budget in the fall of 2019. Everyone living in Majorna-Linné can make proposals and vote for projects, with a total budget of 450 000 SEK.

64 000
Majorna-Linné is the largest district in Gothenburg with 64 000 inhabitants.
450 000
The total budget of the participatory budget process was 450 000 SEK.


The city district wanted to digitalise their process and make it more transparent for citizens and got in touch with Digidem Lab. Based on their requirement for a plattform that is easy to use for civil servants and that facilitates increased internal communication, we chose to work with Consul.

One of our workshops with Majorna-Linné.


We installed and adapted the platform based on Majorna-Linnés needs and monitor the running of the budget process.

Before the start of the participatory budget, we did a two day training with every civil servant involved in the process.

This is the first time Consul is being used in the Nordic countries.

About the method

Participatory budgeting is a well established method that has been used in 1500 cities and institutions all over the world. It means that citizens get to decide about a specific part of the budget for their city, city district, country or organisation.

Workshop and manuals for civil servants.

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