About Digidem Lab

Digidem Lab is a non-profit organisation promoting participatory democracy with new technology. Our current projects are an open lab in Gothenburg, Sweden, and Digidem Guide.

Immense possibilities

The possibilities for democratic participation are greater than ever. New tools to influence, discuss and decide on issues are available to be used, instantaneously and globally. Yet, we seem to be stuck in political systems unable to renew themselves. Systems that in the worst cases put billionaires and fascists to power. It does not have to be like that.

New ways

Digidem Lab brings together activists, researchers, developers, designers and anyone who believes another world is possible. We create new methods and tools for the participatory democracy of the future. We believe new forms of participation need to come from below and spread to all sectors of society.

A New Movement

We are part of a growing democracy movement, using collective intelligence to challenge old political and economical elites. Jeremy Corbyn’s digital manifesto in Britain, Podemo’s platform for participation in Spain and the growing network of cities experimenting with new forms of participation is the opposite of the kind of future that Donald Trump stands for.

New online tools for interaction and collaboration have let people come together across space and time to build amazing things. As the Internet breaks down the last justifications for a professional class of politicians, it also builds up the tools for replacing them.

Aaron Swartz

We believe in

Start with needs

Initiatives for collective intelligence should start with what the need is. New technology in it self will not solve any problems, neither should digital tools be used to conceal the flaws of excluding processes.

Experimenting creates progress

We create collaborative spaces to develop new ideas. An experimental approach makes big failures unlikely and turns small failures into valuable lessons. By building on the work of others and international experiences we are part of an international lab for collective intelligence.

Your data – your control

We utilise and develop services and tools that to the greatest possible extent gives you, not corporations or states, sovereign control over your data. Being aware of security and privacy should not require specialist knowledge from users, but be built into digital tools. You should be the one deciding what you share and with whom.

This is for everyone

New forms of participation need to come from below and spread to all sectors of society. The people who most need tools for participation are often the people who find them hardest to use. We want to change that. By using accessible venues and digital tools complying to standards for accessibility, readability and usability, we ensure that everyone is onboard.

Openness for public good

Developing for the public good means being open. Open source, open standards, open data and open innovation guarantee that new ideas benefits everyone. We need transparent, adaptable and well tested services that contribute to our shared knowledge and digital commons.

Collective intelligence

To create change, a multitude of skills and experiences need to pull in the same direction. Initiatives for collective intelligence is not just a matter of technology, design, research or politics. It is all those things combined. Our task is to create the ideal conditions for inclusive and multidisciplinary collaborations.

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Digidem Lab is a non-profit organisation promoting participatory democracy on all levels of society. Get in touch to see how we can help your movement or organisation to find new processes and tools for participation.