About Digidem Lab

Digidem Lab is a non-profit lab for participatory democracy based in Sweden. We are backing projects, developing citizen platforms, organising lectures, workshops and hackathons.

Democracy lab

Digidem Lab brings together activists, researchers, programmers, designers and everyone who believes that another world is possible, to create the methods and tools for the participatory democracy of the future.

Citizen platforms

Digidem Lab cooperates with the City of Madrid and regions in Gothenburg and Stockholm to develop Consul, the world’s most used citizen platform. The “Demokratiska Städer” website is a collection of methods and tools for Swedish cities that want to take their citizen participation to the next level.

Social movements

We provide workshops and lectures for social movements about new tools for organising, decision making and coordination of campaigns.


In CivicTechSweden developers, designers, activists and open data enthusiasts come together to build applications, visualisations and tools for citizens.

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Digidem Lab is a non-profit organisation promoting participatory democracy on all levels of society. Get in touch to talk about project ideas or cooperation!