Digidem Lab

Anna Sanne Göransson

Engagement Strategist

Community organiser specialised in film and digital media for participation and empowerment. Has previously worked for a film studio in Ouagadougou, as a youth worker in Cali and as a peace observer in Chiapas.

+46 76 242 28 24,

Sanna Ghotbi

Citizen Participation Consultant

Sanna Ghotbi is a campaigner for refugee’s rights, environmental issues and an elected representative for the feminist party in the local council of Gothenburg. She is active in the municipalist movement, and is working for Digidem Lab to advance deliberative democracy at the city level in Sweden.

+46 73 844 04 41,

Petter Joelson

Project coordinator & Product developer

Petter Joelson is a co-founder of Digidem Lab. He has worked with web and digital services for NGO:s for fifteen years, started the cooperative communication agency Rabash, and has worked for MSF Sweden, Friends of the Earth International and Sweden for UNHCR. A peace and environmental activist since the 90’s, he once built a life size nuclear missile from bin bags, sticky tape and a computer fan.

+46 70 867 42 44,

CivicTech Sweden

Victoria Bull

Project manager

Mattias Axell