Get in touch to discuss ideas for projects or cooperation.

Anna Sanne Göransson

Engagement Strategist
+46 76 242 28 24

Anna is a cofounder of Digidem Lab, facilitator, international project manager and expert in participatory processes.

Sanna Ghotbi

Citizen participation expert
+46 73 844 04 41

Expert in giving a voice to those with least power. Sanna has been responsible for Digidem Lab’s work with housing budgets in Göteborg, within the international research project COLDIGIT, and involved in many more projects. Right now on leave to bike around the world (follow her project on!).

Pierre Mesure

Citizen participation expert
+46 72 838 52 29

Expert in citizen participation and digital democracy. Involved in the development of the Swedish civic tech ecosystem. Also expert in the field of open government and open data.

Annie Hermansson

Project coordinator
‭+46 70 278 69 08‬

Political scientist and project coordinator with a passion for sustainability and participation.

Petter Joelson

+46 70 867 42 44

Petter Joelson is a co-founder of Digidem Lab and Civic Tech Sweden. He has worked with web and digital services for civil society for fifteen years.

Stephanie Toro

Outreach strategist
+46 76 89 79 16

Expert in community outreach and norm-critical analysis with many years of public service experience combined with a firm commitment to grassroots activism.