Consul Going Worldwide

A project to make Madrid's citizen platform accessible and easy to use for a wider audience.

A versatile platform

The citizen platform Consul has turned out to be a very versatile tool, not just for cities like Madrid, but also for other types of organisations and movements. In the last few months have seen the social housing company in Paris using it for participatory budgeting and the British People’s Momentum for their annual meeting.

New target audiences

With the new target audiences for Consul (cities abroad, NGO:s, different kind of participatory budgets), we need to look at the user journeys for adapting the tool for the different users and see how to best meet their needs and expectations.

Lowering the threshold

This project is about finding the best ways to lower the threshold for the installation and setup process for these new target audiences, by a combination of development, design and communication skills. The overall theme is to make the installation and setup process easier and more accessible, to make it go worldwide! While these are general ideas about how to do it, the exact ways will depend on the identification of personas and user journeys, our contact with the Consul team, and the input and different skills that the working team contribute with during the lab.

This was a project by Digidem Lab and Vanessa Me Tonini during Collective Intelligence 2017 at Medialab Prado in Madrid.

Photos by Medialab Prado (CC BY-SA 2.0).

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