User testing of CONSUL

In August 2018 Digidem Lab did user testing of the citizen platform CONSUL for the project Democratic Cities target groups: people born outside of Sweden, women and young people.

The test persisted of evaluating a demo version of the citizen platform and introducing and testing the term participatory budget.

25 test subjects were divided on two occasions to try the platform and answer questions about their thoughts and experience of participatory budgeting or other citizen processes in city districts. The test subjects were selected based on the project’s goal of increasing the participation in decision making of those groups that Demokratiutredningen (The democracy investigation) showed are underrepresented.

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Sanna Ghotbi

Citizen Participation Consultant
+46 73 844 04 41

Board member of Global Participatory Budgeting Hub.

Co-founder and board member of Consul Democracy Foundation.

Developing new methods for citizen participation with the support of Vinnova.