Digidem Lab becomes official Decidim partner

Partnership with the citizen participation platform Decidim.

Digidem Lab is proud to be the first Nordic company to be an official partner of the digital citizen participation platform Decidim. We have been working with Decidim for citizen participation since 2018, supporting cities in Sweden and the rest of the world in using the platform.

Digidem Lab was one of the partners that implemented Decidim for participatory budgets for New York City during the pandemic. Our role was to help design the overall methodology, to develop a framework for user testing and training for facilitators.

We have been using Decidim for various civic processes in Hisingen in Gothenburg for six years, the local civic budgets are very popular among the citizens and fund dance workshops, outdoor cinema, bike fixing days and many other events. Right now, the citizen budget Bästa Biskop i Biskopsgården, which distributes 800 000 SEK among local projects, is ongoing.

Our active Decidim platforms also include Gislaved, Sigtuna and Botkyrka municipalities.

We have chosen to work with Decidim because it is a transparent, flexible and easy-to-use platform, suitable for several different types of citizen participation processes.

Petter Joelson, Digital Director of Digidem Lab

Decidim is a digital participation platform created by the City of Barcelona. The platform is designed to allow municipalities, companies and organisations to tailor citizen processes to their needs. Decidim is made to combine physical meetings with what happens online, for example by being able to post upcoming dialogue meetings that can then be streamed in the platform.

The platform allows municipalities to integrate different forms of participation in the same process. This means that you can combine features such as discussion, surveys, citizens’ proposals, citizens’ budgets and co-creative action plans in the same dialogue. Decidim also has advanced follow-up and transparency features where citizens can follow each decision step by step and see how far along the implementation is. This allows participants to get direct feedback and a better understanding of the municipality’s approach.

Functions in Decidim:

  • Citizens’ proposals and participatory budgets
  • Polls and surveys
  • Combination of digital and physical processes
  • Customised multi-step processes
  • Follow-up of longer processes.

Official Decidim partner

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