Participatory budget for residents

Gothenburg's public housing company, Bostadsbolaget, and Digidem Lab creates the first participatory budget process for tenants in the Nordic countries.

Bostadsbolaget set aside SEK 100,000 in 2019, for their residents in the district of Norra Biskopsgården to decide about. The participatory budget for 2019 was a pilot to try out the method, with the intention of continuing in 2020.

During the first year, Digidem Lab was asked to train the management group, administrators and caretakers in the district in working with participatory budgeting. We helped design the process and will do extensive evaluation of the results.

The housing company Bostadsbolaget has 1700 flats in Norra Biskopsgården, Gothenburg.

Wokshops for the housing company.

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