Citizens' Assembly on Climate with the City of Gothenburg

Local citizens' assembly for participation in climate issues

Digidem Lab has been commissioned by the City of Gothenburg’s Environmental Administration to plan, organise and implement a citizens’ jury consisting of 30 representative participants from the population of Gothenburg.

How can Gothenburg citizens become more involved in the city’s environmental and climate work?

This is the question that the assembly will discuss over three Saturdays in the spring of 2024. The participants will discuss and make recommendations on how the city’s work on engaging and conducting dialogue with citizens can be changed to achieve the city’s environmental and climate goals. Digdem Lab will lead the sessions where participants will learn about the issue and discuss different aspects of participation and engagement in the city’s environmental and climate work.

7,000 Gothenburg residents over the age of 16 were invited to the Citizens’ Assembly via SMS or letter. These people could then register their interest in participating. From these, 40 people were then drawn for a seat on the Citizens’ Assembly according to the selected demographic criteria: gender, age, education level, main income type, primary neighbourhood.

A final report will summarise the Citizens’ Assembly’s discussions, proposals and recommendations will be submitted to the Environment and Climate Board, as well as the Democracy and Citizen Services Board. This report will form an important basis for future actions and initiatives to promote participation and engagement in Gothenburg’s environmental and climate work.


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