Designing Participatory Democracy


Digidem Lab believes in improving, developing and innovating our democracy. We believe in shifting power and mandate to formulate society's problems and solutions. Therefore, we provide and develop methods for political and democratic innovation.

Digidem Lab becomes official Decidim partner

Partnership with the citizen participation platform Decidim.

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Citizens' Assembly on Climate with the City of Gothenburg

Local citizens' assembly for participation in climate issues

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Our services

Participatory Budget and Citizen Participation

  • Process design and digital tools for participatory budgets.
  • Focus on underrepresented groups.
  • Digital platforms combined with physical processes.

Community organising

  • Methods for local organising.
  • Build local knowledge and power.
  • Create resilient and strong organisations.

Civic Tech and Digital Development

  • Develops digital technologies for civil society.
  • Building alliances in the civic tech field.
  • Advocating for inclusive and citizen-centric digital development.

Citizens' assembly

  • A demographically representative group is assembled.
  • During facilitated meetings, they have structured discussions of the issues.
  • They formulate recommendations that are passed on to decision-making bodies.

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We develop participatory democracy for everything from international institutions and cities to local associations.

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Official Decidim partner

Partner in Collective Intelligence through Digital Tools

Co-founding partner of Nordic Deliberation Network